/strɪŋ / (say string)

1. a line, cord, or thread, used for tying parcels, etc.
2. a narrow strip of cloth, leather, etc., for tying parts together: strings of a bonnet.
3. something resembling a string or thread.
4. a number of objects, as beads or pearls, threaded or arranged on a cord.
5. any series of things arranged or connected in a line or following closely one after another: a string of islands; a string of vehicles; to ask a string of questions.
6. a set or number, as of animals: a string of racehorses.
7. (in musical instruments) a tightly stretched cord or wire which produces a note when caused to vibrate, as by plucking, striking, or friction of a bow.
8. (plural)
a. stringed musical instruments, especially such as are played with a bow.
b. players on such instruments in an orchestra or band.
9. a cord or fibre in a plant.
10. the tough piece uniting the two parts of a pod: the strings of beans.
11. Architecture
a. a string-course.
b.stringer (def. 4).
12. Billiards a stroke made by each player from the head of the table to the opposite cushion and back, to determine, by means of the resultant positions of the balls, who shall open the game.
13. Physics a hypothetical elementary subatomic particle which is in the form of a one-dimensional line rather than a point-like object.
14. Also, stringer. Geology a small mineral vein in a rock, either independent or occurring as a branch of a larger vein.
15. (plural) Colloquial limitations on any proposal: an offer with no strings attached.
16. Obsolete a ligament, tendon, nerve, or the like, in an animal body.
verb (strung, strung or, Rare, stringed, stringing)
verb (t)
17. to furnish with or as with a string or strings.
18. to extend or stretch (a cord, etc.) from one point to another.
19. to thread on, or as on, a string: to string beads.
20. to connect in, or as in, a line; arrange in a series or succession.
21. to cause (stock) to move in a line.
22. to provide or adorn with something suspended or slung: a room strung with festoons.
23. to deprive of a string or strings; strip the strings from: to string beans.
24. to make tense, as the sinews, nerves, mind, etc.
verb (i)
25. to form or move in a string, as a mob of animals stretched out in a line: the sheep behind him stringing.
26. to form into a string or strings, as glutinous substances do when pulled.
27. a new (or second) string to one's bow, a new skill: to add a new string to one's bow by learning a foreign language.
28. have two strings to one's bow, to have more than one talent, possible course of action, etc., able to be used. {Phrase Origin: from the practice in medieval times of longbow users carrying an extra string in case the first one broke}
29. keep on a string, to have (someone) under one's control, especially emotionally: she kept him on a string and then agreed to marry him.
30. pull strings, Colloquial to seek the advancement of oneself or another by using social contacts and other means not directly connected with ability or suitability.
31. string along (or on), Colloquial to deceive (someone) in a progressive series of falsehoods; con.
32. string along with, Colloquial
a. to go along with; accompany.
b. to cooperate with; agree with.
33. string out,
a. to extend or spread out at intervals.
b. to extend over a period of time; prolong.
34. string up, to kill by hanging.
35. with no strings attached, with no conditions or provisos.
{Middle English; Old English streng string, cord, rope; distantly related to Latin stringere bind, Greek strangálē halter, cord}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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